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Secrets Board III

Secrets made by/about Ryuuji and my other chars. Considering the current trend to bring absolute disaster, Friday's board is a scary, scary thing that Ryuuji will try to stay away from. And I think that I'm missing a secret from Terry -- the hate one.

Secrets Board III:

Spine. Jason about Tim.

Kill. Ryuuji about Paul.

Kiss. Ryuuji about Nightwing.

Bruises. Ryuuji about Nightwing.

Tear Apart. Tim about Jason.

Measure Up. Terry about Dick and Ryuuji. Last anon comment is Ryuuji's.

War. I think Terry about Ryuuji and Nightwing?

Trapped. Terry about Ryuuji.

Suicide. Ryuuji.

Potionsshipping. Some random person about Stephen/Ryuuji.

Virgin. Someone about wanting Ryuuji to deflower them?!

FUCK YOU, MORFIN! Ryuuji didn't make the secret, but he's agreeing with it and threatening to stake people. Alucard cheers him up AGAIN.

Clueless. Nightwing about the Ryuuji-Terry-Nightwing mess.

Ignore the secret. Just look at Alucard's blatant statement about 'make out and play in blood?'. XDDD
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