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Secrets Board I & II.

Here's are links to all the secrets Ryuuji made/had made about him/took part in discussing, along with guesses as to who the muns were that made them. (Okay, and some of my other chars too.)

Secrets Board I:

Engagement Ring. Ryuuji about Mai.

Where's My Robot? Cooper about Mr. Butlertron, talking to Ryuuji.

Sheets. Stephen about sheets/River, talking to Ryuuji.

Quidditch. Snape and Nny talking about Quidditch to Ryuuji.

V-Day. Either Susan or Teatime talking to Ryuuji about V-Day.

Defilement. Raphael talking to Ryuuji about sex in a church.

Why Hufflepuff? Ryuuji asking why Alucard is in Hufflepuff.

Free Speech. Ryuuji replies to either Shizuka or Rukia about free speech.

AA. Someone posts about alcohol addiction and Ryuuji talks to them.

Blow me. Ryuuji posts about wanting to suck Kira off but pretends to not be the guilty one.

Secrecy. Extremely short convos about not knowing people.

Ticklish. Kira (Ryuuji thinks so, anyway) about being ticklish, talks to Ryuuji.

Misfit. Ryuuji posts one of his favorite poems and the conversation EXPLODES.

Green Eyes. Ryuuji posts about finding green eyes sexy.

Maybe? Someone posts about wanting Ryuuji.

Voyeur Much? Someone posts about wanting to watch Alucard bite Ryuuji.

Sexy Slytherins. Someone posts about the sexiness of Slytherins, Ryuuji talks with Tom and Crowley there.

Green Eyes II. Someone posts about finding Ryuuji specifically hot.

Country Music. Someone posts about liking country music, Crowley playfully accuses them of being Ryuuji, he and Ryuuji talk.

Confusion. Someone emos and Ryuuji tries to cheer them up openly while secretly commenting anonymously.

Dirty. Someone posts something, blah blah, important bit is that Ryuuji gets attacked by Potter Pal Ron.

Eyeliner Crush. Nightwing confesses he finds eyeliner hot on Ryuuji.

Bat Boxers! Ryuuji posts about getting disturbed by Nightwing's near-nudity.

Overshadowed. Shizuka posts about Jou and Ryuuji apologizes for not having been welcoming when she showed up.

Crushing Love. Seto posts about Ryuuji, Ryuuji gets dumped by Tom.

Vegetable Love. Oz posts about liking vegetables, Ryuuji calls him on it.

Potheads. Someone (Shizuka?) posts about her thoughts on other people's hypocrisy and Ryuuji takes the bait.

Colored condoms. Someone posts about them, Ryuuji replies both openly and anon.

Partner Swap. Paul posts about wanting someone to take his wife, Ryuuji questions him anonymously.

Heartbreak. Ryuuji lashes out because of getting dumped.

Kittens! Alucard posts this in reply to Ryuuji's secret above, but neither of them know who the other is.

SPANKY PANTS! Tim complains about never getting spanky pants.

Pretty Neck. Alucard posts about Ryuuji's neck.

[/secrets board one.]

Secrets Board II:

Whore. Ryuuji about Crowley.

Cigarette. Jason about Tim.

Kids. Ryuuji about Seto.

Slave. Bakura about Ryuuji, confirmed by mun.

Crowbar. Tim about Jason, I accidentally replied once with my Ryuuji account.

Slytherin? Some random person dissecting what Ryuuji's name and why he's not in Slytherin. *CURIOUS STILL*

Massage Therapy. Ryuuji would get massages for free, apparently.

Wrong but Fun. Someone (Tonks?) about Mystique.

Bite Me. Ryuuji to Alucard. Also chatted with Joachim while pretending to not be the OP.

Betting Notebook. Ryuuji ticking off Wilson. XD

Wenches. Sal and Godric talking.

Checkmate. Ryuuji talking to Hermes, wondering if it's Seto.

Hermes about Eros.

Only Regret. Ryuuji about Nightwing.

Scars. Terry about Ryuuji.

Girls Rock. Ryuuji about Mai.

Diseased Snake. Terry about Ryuuji.

Everyone. Sara about a bunch of people, first one being Ryuuji.

Just Kiss Already. Someone wants to see Ryuuji and Seto makeout.

Toy Wars! Okay, not directly to do with Ryuuji but Nightwing and Terry talking.

MINE. Ryuuji being possessive. You would not BELIEVE how long this took to make!

Chocolate Currency. Terry about Ryuuji, which Ryuuji originally thought was Mai.

Owed Sex. Kira to Ryuuji. I don't think the threesome ever happened but I'm not sure.

Mokie or Ryuuji? Ryuuji teasing Seto.

Done! Ryuuji and Seto kissing, as requested by someone earlier.

Sorry. Some unknown that lead to Ryuuji and Crowley talking about guilt/sorry.

Why Not? Bakura asking why Seto and Ryuuji aren't together. Ends up having Nightwing 'fessed up to having had sex with Ryuuji, and Terry storming off in need of comfort.

Batwhore. Jason about Tim. And man, everyone jumped into this thread.

Girl Doll. Mai to Ryuuji, about genderfuckery.

[/secrets post two.]
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