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Meme me up, baby.

((Meme contains questions about Alucard, Crowley, Adam, Loki, Sara, Tim, Marik, Stephen, Emma, Fillerbunny, Connor, Kon, Victor, Joachim, Bakura, Kira, Psyche, Seto, Ancalagon, Nightwing, Edgar, Oracle, River, Jason, Oz, Mai, Mystique, Teatime, Terry, Hat, and Bertie. If you take it and have questions about Ryuuji, drop me a comment to let me find the entry? XD))

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1) Have you ever dated wooster_code? I say, steady on. What sort of question is that to ask a cove? I should bally well think not!
2) When did you last call batsmarts? I owled him about a genderswitch potion a while back, I think.
3) What languages does alucard_tepes speak? I would imagine several, but I know he speaks English for sure.
4) Is lord_of_dragons a college student? Only if Hogwarts is a college.
5) Is csi_sara athletic? She seems pretty fit.
6) What would strangemystique think of csi_sara? I think that Mystique would like her a lot.
7) Is csi_sara related to ewoodhouse? No, though they do both have brown hair.
8) Which president would ewoodhouse be likely to idolize? Washington, maybe?
9) Do you have anthony_crowley's screenname? No, assuming he even has one.
10) Is average_adam popular? He definitely is.
11) Is wooster_code a nerd? Certainly not. Being a teacher is quite different to being a nerd.
12) Is kirasenpai in a relationship? Not that I've heard of.
13) Would you make out with joachim_armster? Ithinkhe'dripmyheadoffmyshoulders.
14) Would you ever date wooster_code? What is it with this quiz and fixating on me with Bertie?
15) Does ewoodhouse travel a lot? Well, she just travelled through time to get here.
16) What rank would puppydog_eyes have in a giant robot army? Supreme High Commander, definitely.
17) Is from_prophecy an emo? A little.
18) Is superclone dead sexy? He's not my type, so I can't say.
19) What video game does estebanmd remind you of? The Potions making thing in the special section of Emperor's New Groove.
20) Where did you first meet csi_sara? In her app!
21) What mental disorder does late_born_myth remind you of? Whatever keeps people in bad relationships.
22) One thing you can't stand about dark_of_shadows? He's a universe-destroying, soul-stealing, people- molesting, sadistic, torturous BASTARD. ...Wait, that was more than one. Too bad.
23) Did batsmarts break up with you? Gods, no, we were never together.
24) What color should prophetic_bat dye their hair? Black. She'll blend right in.
25) How long have you known ewoodhouse? Ever since she apped.
26) Is puppydog_eyes friends with alucard_tepes? No, but it would be fun if they were!
27) Has redbutnotrobin been to your house/dorm? Yeah, he picks up healing supplies from me.
28) Thoughts on experimentbunny? Cutest little bunny ever.
29) What is average_adam's favorite food? I have no idea, but probably something healthy and wholesome.
30) Do you have a crush on wooster_code? THIS QUIZ IS OBSESSED. No.
31) What do you disagree with hero_killer about? Nachos. He likes cheese, I like salsa.
32) Do you think anthony_crowley is hot? Yeah, sure.
33) If average_adam took over the world, who would be happy? Everyone, since he could just make them happy.
34) What word best describes mightiest_black? Majestic.
35) What comic book character would alucard_tepes be? The prettyboy vampire with father issues.
36) What planet should silky_steel be from? Venus, baby.
37) What animal should experimentbunny be combined with? He IS an animal. Maybe a human?
38) Does dark_of_shadows have a crush on joachim_armster? Now, wouldn't that make an interesting match? And Joachim's not human, after all...
39) Does superclone have a big secret? Well, he told it to me outright when he was sorted, but otherwise I'd consider it a secret.
40) Could you see dark_of_shadows and kirasenpai together? Uh. I think that Kira has better taste. No. Not really.
41) Is ewoodhouse a high school student? If Hogwarts is a high school.
42) Would nightbirdboy be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja. He already wears a black costume.
43) Would you wrestle ringoate_mybaby in jello? Yes. Especially if whipped cream was involved.
44) Which of your friends should from_prophecy go out with? Hm. Seto, maybe?
45) Where was lord_of_dragons born? Japan.
46) What is hero_killer's biggest flaw? He still owes me a pony.
47) If redbutnotrobin had a superpower, what would it be? The ability to annoy people on meeting.
48) Is not_a_goblin introverted or extroverted? Introverted.
49) What animal does estebanmd remind you of? A duck. Don't ask.
50) Has kirasenpai dyed their hair? Probably during some time in their life!
51) Does estebanmd drink? YES. I think that would be a yes.
52) What song/movie would you recommend to batsmarts? Good Day - Dresden Dolls
53) What is prophetic_bat's favorite movie? I have no idea. Clue me in?
54) Are mightiest_black and alucard_tepes married? It would be hilarious if they were.
55) What would you do if you found out nightbirdboy has a crush on you? ...
56) If experimentbunny was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Meat Man. A hungry, mindless carnivore.
57) Where would mightiest_black most like to visit? Any world with lots of things to hunt, space to fly and pretties.
58) What do you agree with alucard_tepes about? Deadite bonsai are scary, scary things. Avoid demons called Bob.
59) What is puppydog_eyes's favorite game? Capsule Monsters.
60) How many monkeys could king_bakura fight at once and win against? Maybe sixty, on a good day.
61) Does nightbirdboy do drugs? No. He doesn't need them.
62) Where was anthony_crowley born? Heaven, which doesn't exist.
63) Do estebanmd and experimentbunny go to the same school? Yeah! Easy question for a change, whoo.
64) How tall is puppydog_eyes? Shorter than I am, and even when he's 21, he'll still be shorter than I am.
65) Does not_a_goblin know strangemystique? Since he's popcorn now, I doubt it.
66) Does experimentbunny have a dog? Oh, definitely not.
67) What would chaos_creator do differently in your shoes? ...Not give a damn about other people.
68) csi_sara's eye color? Brown.
69) How long would experimentbunny dating tomorrow_knight last? ...Depends on if Terry's a furry or not.
70) What is teatimeassassin's favorite color? Black.
71) If redbutnotrobin and puppydog_eyes were spliced together, what would be its name? Trouble. Mokuson.
72) If kirasenpai commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? All of Hell.
73) Would you set up from_prophecy and tomorrow_knight? ...If he can't deal with me, why would he be able to deal with a half-demon version of me?
74) Would nightbirdboy and chaos_creator make a good couple? NO. Definitely not. No dating gods. That's always trouble.
75) What is late_born_myth's favorite band/artist? I can't tell from her WART dedications. She seems to like Rufus Wainwright, though.
76) If joachim_armster took over the world, who would suffer? Oh man. Everyone.
77) How would ewoodhouse kill tomorrow_knight? With a poisoned tea cake.
78) What would you do if redbutnotrobin died? Find out what the Joker was doing at the time of Jason's death.
79) Is silky_steel your best friend? Forever and ever.
80) Are tomorrow_knight and r_tam going out? No, she's engaged to Stephen.
81) If mightiest_black and experimentbunny were spliced together, what would it be like? A huge dragon bunny? My mind just broke trying to picture it.
82) What flavor of jello would hero_killer be? Lime.
83) One quality you find attractive in anthony_crowley? A good sense of style.
84) Have you flirted with dark_of_shadows? If by flirting, you mean 'threatened with several grisly fates', then yes. Otherwise, no.
85) What is puppydog_eyes's shoe size? By which country's standards?
86) How would superclone conquer the world? Pouting?
87) What would estebanmd give average_adam for his/her birthday? BPAL products. He's an enabler.
88) If chaos_creator were hanging off a cliff, what would csi_sara do? Watch to see what gods do when they're in trouble.
89) Are king_bakura and chaos_creator going steady? I'd fear for the world if they were.
90) Does anthony_crowley go to your school? Yeah, he's my Head Of House and Herbology Professor.
91) Would not_a_goblin and ewoodhouse look good together? ...Not in the least.
92) Does joachim_armster smoke? After sex? I never checked. I doubt it.
93) What is ewoodhouse allergic to? Anything modern that she considers 'improper'.
94) Is ewoodhouse 1337? zh3 PWNS j00, f00!
95) Would not_a_goblin go out with strangemystique? No way would she ever be willing.
96) If ringoate_mybaby and mightiest_black were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Tip of tail to base of spine.
97) Is wooster_code related to you? Somehow, I doubt it.
98) kirasenpai's hair color? Brown.
99) What exotic animal would lord_of_dragons like as a pet? Dragon.
100) Is from_prophecy single? As far as I know.
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