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OOC continued, Ryuuji-Nightwing, January.

27th Feb: Nightwing in Love! Eros hits Nightwing with an arrow to make him fall for Steerpike. Ryuuji spends the night trying to keep Nightwing out of Steerpike's bed. Note: Ryuuji is together, secretly, with Tom during this RP.

Ryuuji finds out what happened from Eros and opts to not go after Seto in favor of protecting Nightwing, making his entrance with:

For lack of a better opening line, he threw one arm protectively over Nightwing and declared with a brisk shudder, "Brrrr! It's colder than an android's heart out there."

Steerpike raised one eyebrow. "I'm sure it is. You certainly seem to have an idea of how to warm yourself, it seems, however." Not that he was really getting that sort of vibe, but he couldn't resist.

Steerpike doesn't 'really' see a slashy vibe between them, but teases Ryuuji anyway. Ryuuji only snickers and doesn't reply to that, instead focusing on explaining to Nightwing what happened, but Nightwing doesn't believe him:

"I just wanna go eat dinner. I can't hang out with you all the time." He paused, realizing how that statement might be interpreted. "I mean, I would, but most of your friends don't much care for me, so . . . "

Nightwing doesn't think he's popular with Ryuuji's evil crowd of friends, and makes Ryuuji sound like the clingy wife who won't let her husband go bowling. Woe. XD

Ryuuji is also the one to bring up Nightwing's straightness, amusingly enough. Pouty that Eros can change Nightwing's sexuality but that Ryuuji couldn't?

"And although I wouldn't normally call falling into bed with him a bad choice, you're straight. Remember? Uninterested in guys. And apart from that, you're also ridiculously moral. I like you, and I don't want to have to be the one stopping you from killing yourself tomorrow."

Clearly, at that point in game, Ryuuji had no idea what a manwhore Nightwing was, though he did know that Nightwing wouldn't be happy if he slept with someone that was openly 'evil'. Ryuuji also comments to himself on how he seems to leave Nightwing in the dust when it comes to banter:

Cue Ryuuji patting him on the head, cooing mock-sympathetically, "It's okay, Nightwing. You stick to the puns and posing, and leave the witty banter for the grown-ups." Except he's ten years older than me or something, but I swear, it doesn't seem like that.

*didn't italicise that block because it contained thoughts* Ryuuji feeling older than Nightwing probably has something to do with the situation, and something more to do with how Nightwing is so puppylike when he's in love. Ryuuji in love with Anne was very calculating, after all.

Ryuuji amuses himself with lots of innuendo-laden banter with Steerpike, both because he knows Steerpike won't take him seriously and because he's just promised to stay for a full year with Tom, so this is backlash from that, a little. For example, he asks Nightwing what he's having for dinner, only to get the response:

Huh? Oh . . . haven't decided. You?"

"You're having
me?" Ryuuji feigned shock, "Nightwing, please! We're in public."

Wishful thinking much, Ryuuji? XD Though in his defense, he was just joking. He and Steerpike go back and forth a little about Gryffindors being fickle, and Ryuuji thinks to himself 'Though since he kinda sucks at flirting anyway, he might be this bad even if he wasn't absolutely infatuated with Steerpike.'

Nightwing's flirting skills are failing to impress Ryuuji. Foreshadowing for how very blunt he was about it at the Masquerade? Ryuuji's 'if I want it, I go for it' attitude also gets highlighted here when Nightwing comments on how Ryuuji's choice of meals is unhealthy.

"Still, if you want it, go for it." Oh, poor boo. He was really starting to pout brood. Next he'd be disappearing to go find a handy rooftop.

"Oh, believe me, I usually do." Damn. He'd meant to stop that. Really. To cover for it, Ryuuji took a quick sip of water.

glared at Ryuuji. "Yeah, I've noticed. It seems to be a problem with you."

So, in other words, Ryuuji's tendency to go after what he wants annoys Nightwing within this context, but the way that Nightwing was delaying annoyed Ryuuji. Clash of forces; Ryuuji doesn't hold back when he wants something, whereas Nightwing doubts himself all the time.

Then all hell breaks loose as Ryuuji and Nightwing get into an all-out row over leather, eyeliner and dress sense. Nightwing calls Ryuuji's tops 'trampy', Ryuuji tries to keep his cool, but fails:

Nightwing's voice was starting to raise in volume, and more than a few patrons were starting to look their way. "I can make my own decisions. Just because I'm not interested in you doesn't mean I'm not allowed to pursue anybody else!" Amusingly enough for someone getting so impassioned over him, the Gryffindor was entirely too focused on looming angrily to even notice Steerpike's departure. Arguing with Ryuuji is more important to him than the person that he's actually in love with. And remember, Ryuuji is together with Tom by this point, and just committed himself to an exclusive relationship.

"Interested in me?! You - you think I'm jealous?!" Utterly furious by that implication - Ryuuji could have anyone he wanted, thankyouverymuch! - Ryuuji stood up, both hands on the table and starting to curl into fists. "I am not jealous of you, I don't want you, and I have no desire to stop you from pursuing anyone else. You can pursue anyone the hell you like, as long as you really like them and it isn't just Eros being cruel!"

Ryuuji denies wanting Nightwing and is angry because -- this is important -- because he could have anyone wants, or so he thinks to himself. So to himself, he doesn't say that he doesn't want Nightwing because he doesn't want him, he says that he doesn't want Nightwing because if he wanted Nightwing, he'd be with him.

But he's not even thinking about his motivations besides not wanting Nightwing to do something he'd end up regretting.

"Do you think I haven't noticed you and all your little innuendos? I'm not naïve, you know," Nightwing snarled. "I wouldn't care, but when you try to – you know what? Forget it. You're reminding me of Bruce, I don't need this."

The part about reminding Ryuuji of Bruce is haunting, really. Makes one doubt why exactly he likes Ryuuji. As for the innuendos, Ryuuji can flirt with people without actually wanting them, and frequently does. Though, in Nightwing's case, it's just a little different.

Nightwing also tries to leave with the exit line, "Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll find some company that maybe isn't so damn controlling."

Clearly, he's already got Ryuuji's measure.

Nightwing makes out with Steerpike, Ryuuji pulls them apart, Nightwing punches Ryuuji, Ryuuji decks him back with a knockout blow, and Steerpike is annoyed and demands, ""Why are you so agitated over this, anyway? I could really think you had a personal stake in it. In him."

"Yeah, I do." Cue a half smirk, Ryuuji tilting his head at Steerpike and giving him a wry look. "He's my friend. Nothing more, nothing less, and I promise you he's completely straight. I'm not saying that he's not attractive - if it comes to that, you're attractive too - but it's basically that if Eros had shot me and I was swanning over someone I'd normally never go near, like the librarian to take a random example, I'd want him to stop me."

Please note how Ryuuji doesn't deny that Nightwing's attractive. But HAH, completely straight? *coughcough* This has to be before Ryuuji's heard about Nightwing's attraction to Bruce.

Later in the conversation, they discuss relationships with Ryuuji stating:

"But that takes the fun out of it for me - I'd rather have someone that's my equal and can handle themself than someone who'll be my little lapdog. If I wanted unthinking acquiseance, I'd get a slave, not take a lover."

Steerpike glanced at him curiously. "I wouldn't have figured you for strict monogamy."

Ryuuji doesn't comment either way, just says 'Touche' and laughs it off since he just promised Tom an exclusive relationship ie strict monogamy.
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